The UE Fits wireless earbuds can quickly mold to fit any ear shape

Ultimate Ears, a Logitech audio brand, is known for its funky Bluetooth speakers, but the company’s new UE Fits wireless earbuds appear to be its most interesting product yet.

Existing wireless options offer some flexibility and comfort by allowing users to swap between various sizes of silicone or foam tips. The UE Fits, however, go one step above by detecting the shape of your ear to harden their gel-filled tips accordingly, all in under a minute.

Users begin the fitting process by running the UE Fits app (Android/iOS) with the earbuds inserted. The app then uses UV-based ‘Lightform’ technology to trigger embedded LEDs in the earbuds that cause the gel-filled tips to harden permanently to the contours of each ear. Once it fits, it sits.

Ultimate Ears notes that this personalized fit offers “wearable comfort free of pressure, pain or irritation, even after extended use,” alongside passive noise isolation thanks to a natural seal that blocks ambient noise. There’s no word yet on replaceable tips, but UE could start selling them down the line.

Other specs of the UE Fits include 10mm drivers and support for SBC, AAC and Apt-X Bluetooth codecs.

They offer eight hours of continuous battery life that goes up to “over 20” with the included charging case. They’re also water resistant, sweat-proof and feature on-device play/pause touch controls that can be customized with the companion app.

Ultimate Ears has an “exclusive pre-sale” offer for US buyers — where the earbuds will be available initially — that discounts the UE Fits from the standard $249 price to $199 for a limited time. Orders are expected to ship this fall, backed by UE’s 30-day satisfaction guarantee.